Monday, February 11, 2013

Prints are Back In Summer 2013

Prints Prints and More Prints!

    Summer 2013 is the time for prints! Everything from the stripes chevron,delicate florals, polka dots, strips and bold graphic prints! Do it right by adding an exciting pattern to a table runner, bridesmaid dress, napkins, ties or even stationary. Forget plain and simple, your wedding is a time to have fun and what's a better way to do that then with a some bold patterns to show off your outgoing personality!! This WILL be the year for fun weddings, just be sure not to go over board, sometimes less is more. In addition to the outstanding prints throughout your wedding space, this is the year for a eye catching cake. Make your wedding cake stand out by incorporating those magnificent patterns and colors to mimic designs throughout your wedding area. Go big or go home this summer, make your wedding fun and memorable! Just remember to not add too many patterns, keep it simple! 

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